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hi everyone. welcome to fenix online.. the best experience you'll ever have online.

downloads: added thug life flashchat helper by pek! [download pek's flashchat]. link fixed for adobe photoshop 4! added: mute chat commands 1 and 2, icq99a, mirc 5.41, ao's sn tools, sonique .075 mp3 player, cute ftp 2.8, cute html beta 1,

pictures: none as of yet.

lyrics: too close by next, gimme some more by busta rhymes, fixed rosa parks by outkast,

mp3s:: added: the hardest thing by 98 degrees, what's it gonna be by busta rhymes and janet jackson, its on, and ruff ryders anthem by dmx, how deep is your love [remix with redman] and these are the times by dru hill, just don't give a f*** and my name is by eminem, inside out by eve6, what's so different by ginuwine, basket case, long view, time of your life by green day, flag pole sitta by harvey danger, stay the same of joey mcintyre, thug mentality by krazyie bone, i really like it by mase and harlem world, right here waitin and the first night by monic |112 is featured in right here waiting |, its all about me by mya, lost in love by nbk, rosa parks by outkast, cause im your gir, oh! my love by ses, no scrubs remix by tlc. much more to come!

misc: i added this krazy emailing service at the bottom! sign up today and get a free new email address~!

fenixmail emailing service!

about fenixmail: this is a new thing that going around.. more free email but the difference is that you get the choose where its at! like mine emailing service is [fenixmail]. sign up today and get your very own [your handle]@fenixmail.zzn.com!
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