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[fenix's application download part¹ a-m]
product name: adobe photoshop 4.o [full install]
author: adobe
description: the best art program out there. adobe 5 came out but their isn't a big difference. pretty big about 8 megs for part 1-3 and part 4 is only 1.5 megs. so get get right and download away! after you download unzip all files and go into the folder of part 1 and click the setup up. the seral number is PWW250R3107069-312 just in case there is a text name seral# in the last zip. have fun!
[download part 1] | [download part 2] | [download part 3] | [download part 4]

product name: america online 2.5
author: aol
description: the fastest aol to serve and massmail with. the bad point is this has a ugly ugly brower that can't even support frames d:X

product name: america online ³·º [16-bit]
author: aol
description: blah. aol 3.o thanx rg!

product name: aol instant messager ²·¹ [aim²·¹]
author: aol
description: very useful aol add-on. this program lets you instant message people online with aol or aol instant messager. this program needs a 32-bit isp connection to work.

product name: aol instant messager [staff edition]
author: aol
description: like aol instant messager ²·¹ [above] but this took out the active banner on top and has a cool options to actually send files though aim, the catch is that the person getting the file must have staff aim too.

product name: antiviral toolkit pro [avp]
author: kasper
description: this is the best anti-virus protection program out there. they usually update there virus information everday, so you always be updated with the last virus information and how to protect from it. this program may scan all you local hard drive or just selected folders.

product name: audio grabber 1.20
author: jackie
description: this program makes mp3's out off yer cd.. so just load a cd in yer cd drive rom and use this to makes a mp3 out of it

product name: cute ftp 2.8 final with cute html 1 beta
author: real cute inc [me guessing]
description: i just started acutally using this program and it rocks.

product name: eyecandy [adobe plug-in]
author: alienskin
description: in my opinion this is the best plug-in for adobe 4!
[download] [download site 2]

product name: get right final
description:the best thing to happened to downloading off the internet. you know aol's download manager? its juss like aol's download manager but for the internet downloads. this program is actually better then aol's download manager cause it has useful option included.

product name: icq 99a beta 1578 [i think]
author: mirabilis
description: the newest beta of icq. icq is a useful program that lets you chat with people all over the world. with a very good people seach. this version also has a new option to send any file on your hard drive to any icq member online, they download while you upload.

product name: mircosoft internet explorer 5·º [final]
author: mircosoft
description: the best browser no question... forget netscape, this isn't the browser. this is a program that helps you download the browser

product name: mirc 5.41
author: mirc
description: version 5.41 of mirc.

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